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TGWorks is a leading global content marketing agency with offices in China, Europe and US. Having undergone a rapid expansion into international markets over the last years, TGWorks has maintained its focus on customized content for geographic markets, delivering bespoke strategies that resonate with local audiences.

Modern consumers increasingly expect to develop a direct and personal relationship with the brands they use and trust. They crave knowledge that empowers them to make more informed purchasing choices. And they desire a two-way communication channel that traditional advertising and marketing fails to deliver. That's where content steps in, providing all of this and more.

Our unique process creates original content around consumer insights, topical events, and cultural trends as they unfold daily. This allows brands to be invited into conversations by providing content at the precise moment it becomes relevant to their audience. We have been able to provide our clients with 5x the average reach in earned media, more than doubling engagement across all social channels.

If this is the kind of results your business is looking for, reach out!

What we do best

TGWorks discovers sticky ways to tell and promote the essential truth of your product and technology.
But to what end? To drive awareness, engagement, and sales.
We offer a range of services that begin with strategic thinking, move into storytelling, and end with promoting your content.


Content and Promotional Strategy
Market and Competitive Analysis
Messaging and Positioning
Editorial Calendar
Search Strategy

Content & Design

Research and Reporting
Content Design and Content Creation
Technical Writing
Graphic Design
Video Production

Promotion & Measurement

Outreach and Engagement
Influencer Marketing
SEO, Paid Media and Programmatic Display
Media Placement
Program Reporting
Social Selling

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